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Square window stickers are the square shaped, adhesive stickers made up of the vinyl stock, simple paper stock or the static cling stock. The trend of stickers is increasing day by day. Thousands and thousands of stickers are getting printed on numerous places. These stickers have thousands of uses and being used in all over the world. A square shape has 4 corners and 4 sides. All the four sides are equal to each other. The square window stickers are great for many reasons; all the uses, customizations and stickers types will be described below.

You have probably noticed that windows are mostly in square or sometimes rectangular shapes. On the basis of these shapes, we recommend the square shaped stickers for the windows, so that they may not look odd. There are thousands of different uses of these stickers. The primary use of these stickers is to advertise. On the other hand, these stickers are used for the marketing, decorations and to spread a message that could be funny or educational messages. These stickers are used on the car windows (front, rear or side windows). They may also be used within the houses, offices, banks, shopping malls, departmental stores and other such places that contain windows in them.

Window stickers are available in three different stocks. The sticker paper, vinyl stock and the static clings. All these three stocks have their own quality and characteristics. The paper sticker is the simple paper stickers which are made up of the paper and its one side is adhesive. The vinyl is the stock which is a bit heavier and durable stock available in clear, white or solid vinyl. The vinyl stock and the static clings is the stock which is used for the outdoor use and the paper sticker is mostly used for the indoor decoration or promotional purposes.

A square shape sticker printing can be easily printed in one color, two color, three or four color printings. Moreover, the shiny lamination known as gloss lamination gives a great impact on the stickers and makes them long lasting with the protected layer of gloss lamination. However, one can go with the matte lamination on the printed stickers, which will give a warm decent look to the stickers. Other customization that can be done on the stickers is that they can be given a 3D effect, UV spotting, round corners and other customization according to your needs.

If you are having you small business, a team, an organization, a brand name or a shopping mall and you want to advertise it then window stickers are a great way to do that. However, newly launched product can also be advertised using these stickers in all over the shopping mall windows. If you are looking to do so in cheap by getting the square shaped stickers for windows, then you are at the right place. Order now and get the best quality products at cheap rates from StickerPrinting and get them delivered at your doorstep without any shipping charges.